Alison Sher founded Millennial Inc. as a way to create profitable, adaptive workplace environments where the next generation can thrive.

She is the author of The Millennial’s Guide to Changing the World and has a 10 year background in journalism and publishing. Prior to starting Millennial Inc. she worked in the start up sector, creating businesses from scratch in industries ranging from digital media to hospitality to nonprofits.

In addition to having intimately studied millennials for five years while writing her generation’s manifesto, Alison is also a certified Generational Strategist from the Millennial Management Institute, whose consultants work with companies like Audi, Honeywell, Microsoft, Safeway and more. She has completed continuing educational classes on social entrepreneurship and corporative innovation from schools like UVA and Wharton School of Business at U Penn. To view more of her professional portfolio, visit

1. Research Based

All of our services are backed by data from credible organizations, top generational theorists, and our own original research. We believe in steering a ship with gut-intuition and best industry practices.

2. Values Driven

The ends never justify the means. Millennial Inc. is committed to running our company and the projects we collaborate on with a do-as-little-harm and delight-as-many-as-possible ethos, as well as other core values.

3. Solution Oriented

Stay positive – unflappably faithful in the face of adversity. We know the going can get rough, so we offer our clients emotional, as well as professional, support while we work together to accomplish benchmark goals.

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