It’s said that the gift of patience is patience. Millennials are known to be impatient, as most young people are. It’s why we often struggle to see through the projects that we start. It’s also why you need to know what will keep us motivated.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to motivating millennials is that we need a transcendental mission to keep us loyal to an organization. We want to work for companies that care about the triple bottom line: people, the planet, and profit. That means, no matter what your industry is, you need you to explain to us how your company is benefiting the world – beyond selling pizzas, health insurance or filing people’s taxes.

What is your company directly doing for your community? How are you creating delight for the people you serve each day? What is the bigger picture behind why your organization exists? Start here.

Other proven ideas that keep millennials engaged: 

  1. Create a staff volunteer day where everyone can bond while giving back to a cause, rather than just donate money to charity.
  2. Understand that millennials often value their time more than money. Give us a timeline to help us see where we can be and what we can achieve in 6 months, 12 months and more. Don’t just use money as the reward for sticking around.
  3. Offer us opportunities to further our education at work. Show us how working for your company will help us improve every aspect of our lives. We want to become smarter, sexier, more influential, better partners, more prepared to conquer the obstacles in all areas of life.
  4. Allow us access to your organization’s leaders and give us a chance to become leaders ourselves. If you’re an executive, be authentic, approachable, laid back — and millennials will want to learn from you. We will do what you do. Let us into top level decision making processes. It helps us respect the hard work of others that has built the company we are a part of, and helps us to understand the responsibilities of others.
  5. Know that about 70 percent of us plan on creating our own organization one day. So teach us to think like entrepreneurs. Let us lead projects when you see that we have the skill.


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