Are you utilizing the number 1 strategy to build loyalty with your young employees?

Millennials want mentors.

We want people who are going to fight for our hearts, who will invest in the development of our souls. We want to be led by someone we can believe in, someone who will help us become a better version of ourselves.

Someone who won’t tell us to focus on a project or task, but make work about larger goals and the challenge of who we’ll have to become to get the job done.

Someone who will teach us to embrace failure — who instead of micromanaging us, will encourage us to think critically about the smartest way to approach a mission, who will help us develop a framework for understanding how things work and how we can change them.

Someone who is humble enough to also be a student to us at times.

So when some tech issue appears that you’ve spent hours trying to troubleshoot, you’ll let us solve  it in 5 minutes. That’s gold to us. We want our ideas to be taken seriously, no matter our age. We want our unique experience to be valued, and for our input to have merit.

  • A good mentor listens as well as speaks…
  • Creates common ground where its safe to connect…
  • Allows for authenticity…
  • Keep challenging us to be our highest selves…
  • Gives advice and direction….

A real, true blue relationship like that is worth sticking around for. 

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