Management & Leadership Development

What are millennials looking for in a manager? The answer = a leader.

Every generation grew up with a different way of being managed that was appropriate for the era of business they were living in. 

Want to know what motivates millennials?

Millennials are self-managed. We enjoy working remotely and multi-tasking. We care about having influence. We’re driven by change, not money. We develop our passions, not our skills. We see red tape as hurdles to overcome.

 The number one reason why millennials leave their positions is because we can’t get along with our supervisor.


(The second reason is because we aren’t being challenged.)

Millennial Inc. created our Management & Leadership Development Program to create tight-knit teams and workplaces where people of all different ages thrive.




  • 1:1 interviews with employees and managers to determine what’s missing from current workplace relationships
  • Strategies for creating a culture of open communication and idea sharing
  • Implementation of a feedback model and program system
  • Onboarding consultation to create loyalty from the get-go
  • Best recruiting practices consultation
  • Workshops on: building multi-generational teams, flat leadership models, radical management practices, how to identify who’s about to quit & how to stop them, effective goal setting, & how to master the art of coaching, instead of managing millennials
  • Implementation of an internal innovation and intrapreneurship program
  • Post-program evaluation
  • Video and remote support


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