Millennial-Friendly Company Culture Consulting

Millennials are a generation with many inspiring characteristics that has been long misunderstood and also under-utilized in the workplace. 


We want to be satisfied at work now – not in 10 years.

We want to be intimately connected to a company’s culture: its values, vision, practices, our fellow co-workers and more.

Millennials are passionate about justice, technology, creative expression, personal growth and want our input to valued.

Is your company culture providing us with all this?

Because if it doesn’t, most millennials will leave their position within 24 months of being hired, costing you up to 150-250 percent of their annual salary to train someone new.


That’s why Millennial Inc. offers customized, long-term strategies that provide companies with cost-sensitive cultural solutions that will attract top millennial talent, and increase on-the-job engagement and retention.


We can teach you how to create the next generation of leaders who will mold the future of your industry and carry out your legacy!


We do this through:
  1. Value-based storytelling
  2. Strategic mentorship
  3. Initiatives that promote corporate social responsibility and community embeddedness
  4. Methods to reduce inter-generational tensions
  5. Creating systems that allow for millennials to innovate within companies and create products that will reach a new generation of consumers and clients
  6. Employee Resource Groups, and more


The tools used in our executive training programs are all validated by private research from organizations like Burke Inc. and The Catholic University of America, and personalized for the needs of each individual company we work with.




  • 1 company generational demographic research report
  • 1 “millennial friendly” company audit
  • Executive trainings on: debunking millennial stereotypes, understanding the millennial relationship with technology, legacy-minded leadership, how to transfer purpose to the next generation, the millennial-mindset of conscious capitalism, and the importance of authenticity, trust, and transparency in developing millennial loyalty
  • The development of an internal mentoring program
  • A workshop on value-based storytelling and how to communicate your company story to current millennial employees and new hires
  • 1 workshop on cultivating intergenerational culture-shifting goals
  • 1 keynote on the keys to millennial retention
  • 1 keynote on employee resource groups
  • 1 post-program progress report
  • Remote video and telephone support


Contact us today to determine which package is right for you!