The way you manage your company has the power to transform the consumer experience.


That’s why we integrate principles from radical management practices to create high performance teams with the power to create experiences for your clientele that make them come back for more. 



  1. Innovate to delight customers, rather than have the sole the goal of your company to make money for shareholders.
  2. Use management to create self-organizing teams.
  3. Flatten bureaucratic hierarchies, and create communication channels that link everyone to participate in company activities.
  4. Transition company values from productivity and efficiency to creating systems that create better products and a better work experience through continuous evolution.
  5. Practice radical transparency.


More and more millennial consumers say they are willing to pay more for products that are ethically produced from smaller start ups, rather than buy items that have been around for decades brought to us by the big Fortune 50 companies. This generation has grown up with enough access to information to know that every time we consume these products, there are toxic effects created in both our own body and the environment. Instead of providing us with a positive experience, there is a sense of guilt around our consumption. Like somehow we have lost and damaged something for a momentary rush — money, health, the natural world. And many times that’s exactly what we’ve done.

This is an age of global competition, where the number of options of businesses and products available make it difficult for millennials to stay loyal to any company — as an employee or a customer. When we’re dissatisfied at work or with our patronage at a business, the first thing we think about is how we can have a better experience somewhere else.

For your business to stay alive, the numbers have to add up. This is why creating customer focused enterprises is so important in this day and age, because it directly translates into your ability to make money. The goal of your business is not just about creating goods and services or snagging a client. There has to be a qualitative component — the WOW factor. The goal should be to leave other people feeling good, to exceed their expectations so they come back again. 

To do this, we have to move beyond industrialized models of operating and thinking. We have to create high-performance teams filled with participants who find their work deeply meaningful — meaningful enough to keep innovating and wanting to improve their company. This ethos goes way beyond meeting quotas. It means giving your employees an opportunity to invent something new at work, to do things each day that are surprising. So surprising that goals are not achieved, they are surpassed. And your company becomes known for making the impossible, possible.

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